Your inner landscape
conditioned by the movements
in the universe.

Your inner landscape
conditioned by neutrinos
the moment of birth.

Your inner landscape
talents and energy flow
your Human Design.

Human Design is the knowledge about your potential as a human being

Very few of us are living according to our nature because we do not know who we are. Instead, we try to adjust out of our need to belong and find a place in the world. These basic needs ay lead to over-accommodation to other peoples expectations.

Human Design gives you a precise description of your qualities and tendencies. Knowledge about your individual nature will help you make decisions that are in harmony with your true self.

Your Human Design emerges from the date, time and place of birth. Through these factors you will receive knowledge about your most distinctive qualities.

Everyone has a Human Design, an inner structure that shows our unique nature. Human Design shows how people influence each other and makes it easier to understand ourselves as well as others.


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