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Terje Eugen Holthe
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Juniperus feng shui

"Juniperus feng shui" is named after the Juniper, the evergreen tree of the Cypress family that grows all over the Northern hemisphere. The latin name is Juniperus communes L. It has been used in many ways, from medicine to craft, in all the cultures where it grows.

"Juniperus feng shui" is a common sense Feng Shui that focuses on how we are formed by the surroundings where we live and work. The juniper is an appropriate symbol since it adapts to different biotypes, from the lowlands to the mountains. It has strength and flexibility, can live in various climatic zones, and has a long life.

Human Design can be viewed as an inner form of Feng Shui. Feng Shui deals with how we can live in harmony with our outer surroundings. Human Design deals with how we can live in harmony with ourselves and thus with others, i.e. our inner landscape.



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