The human milieu
Down to earth Feng Shui
The outer landscape.

Feng Shui common sense
balancing the surroundings
health and beauty.

Common sense Feng Shui
harmonious interplay
movement and stillness.

Feng Shui is the ageless wisdom that teaches how we are formed by our surroundings and how we can shape, build and in live in harmony with nature. Feng Shui has its name from China but exists in in different forms all over the world.

Common sense Feng Shui consultant:

  • Garden Feng Shui

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Imperial School of Feng Shui and
Chinese Horoscopes Norway, 2008
European School of Feng Shui Sweden, 2005
Norwegian School of Geobiology, Øyslebø, 2003
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Iowa State University of Science and Technology, Ames, Iowa, USA, 1967.


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